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Discrimination And Harassment In The North Bay

Have you been discriminated against or harassed on the basis of your sex, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation? You may be able to bring a civil lawsuit to stop the harm and recover compensation.

As a female lawyer, I can empathize with your situation and the injuries you have faced. I became an attorney because I wanted to help give people a voice, especially those harmed by trusted individuals.

An Employee Advocate For More Than 30 Years

I have more than 30 years of experience — including jury and court trial experience — helping clients facing employment discrimination. Whether you have been forced to work in a hostile environment, been fired, laid off or denied a promotion, or have otherwise faced workplace discrimination, I want to help you seek justice. I also handle cases involving:

  • Harassment, including harassment on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation
  • Sexual harassment, including sexual harassment in employment and housing
  • Retaliation, including retaliation for engaging in a protected activity such as exercising free speech or freedom of association
  • Whistleblower retaliation such as job loss for uncovering and reporting unlawful activity by your employer
  • Wrongful termination for loss of your job due to objection to discriminatory or illegal activity by your employer
  • Other civil rights violations by your employer, landlord or another individual or company

While I am, above all, an employee advocate, I also have significant experience on the defense side of these cases. That means I am able to anticipate and circumvent the defense’s litigation strategy.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace And Housing

Sexual harassment and discrimination continue to be prevalent in many employment and housing situations. Were you forced to work in an environment permeated by sexual discrimination and unequal treatment on the basis of your sex? Has someone repeatedly propositioned or offensively touched you in the workplace? Has someone made repeated sexual comments to you or ridiculed you on the basis of your sex? Have you been stalked, assaulted or inappropriately stared at by a person in power or a position of trust?

I want to help you stop the harassment by bringing a civil lawsuit against the person or company causing you harm. I can also bring related civil claims of assault and battery, false imprisonment and defamation on your behalf if you have suffered physical or emotional harm.

Resolving Your Case Quickly

While I am very thorough in my case work, I understand that you want a resolution as quickly as possible. I will make every effort to resolve your legal issue without filing a lawsuit. If we are successful, we will save emotional upset, time and money. If the defendant refuses to give you what you deserve, however, I will quickly file a lawsuit and complete the discovery (developing evidence) necessary for a court trial. I will always be two steps ahead of my opponent, and be ready to bring your case to court if necessary.

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